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The future development of CNC punching machine must be artificial intelligence

Release time:2021-01-16 source:Dongguan huashihui Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

This year, covid-19 has brought huge impact on the world's manufacturing industry, and services. It is covid-19, which is the result of the new crown epidemic. All walks of life led by the "Ai" are developing rapidly. We can often see artificial intelligence robots, artificial intelligence sweepers and so on. So, in the CNC punch industry, when can punching machine achieve "artificial intelligence"?

The "artificial intelligence" CNC punching machine can not only release artificial labor, but also process and manufacture more accurately and efficiently. At present, part of the CNC punching machine has achieved semi artificial state, to achieve full artificial intelligence CNC punching machine still need a lot of time to study.

Due to the impact of this year's epidemic, many countries can not provide sufficient manpower for production in manual posts this year. Then, this will advance the research and development of "artificial intelligence of CNC punching machine". Of course, this is just a personal profile of Xiaobian. Specific applicability, but also for the market data to express their position.

On the road of developing "artificial intelligence", we need more technical talents and manufacturing experience, which can not be done overnight. I believe that the future development of CNC punching machine must be artificial intelligence.

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